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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import re

import requests
    import validators
    has_validators = True
except ImportError:
    has_validators = False

from .abstractgenerator import AbstractMISPObjectGenerator
from .. import InvalidMISPObject

[docs]class VTReportObject(AbstractMISPObjectGenerator): ''' VirusTotal Report :apikey: VirusTotal API key (private works, but only public features are supported right now) :indicator: IOC to search VirusTotal for ''' def __init__(self, apikey, indicator, vt_proxies=None, standalone=True, **kwargs): # PY3 way: # super().__init__("virustotal-report") super(VTReportObject, self).__init__("virustotal-report", standalone=standalone, **kwargs) indicator = indicator.strip() self._resource_type = self.__validate_resource(indicator) if self._resource_type: self._proxies = vt_proxies self._report = self.__query_virustotal(apikey, indicator) self.generate_attributes() else: error_msg = "A valid indicator is required. (One of type url, md5, sha1, sha256). Received '{}' instead".format(indicator) raise InvalidMISPObject(error_msg) def get_report(self): return self._report
[docs] def generate_attributes(self): ''' Parse the VirusTotal report for relevant attributes ''' self.add_attribute("last-submission", value=self._report["scan_date"]) self.add_attribute("permalink", value=self._report["permalink"]) ratio = "{}/{}".format(self._report["positives"], self._report["total"]) self.add_attribute("detection-ratio", value=ratio)
def __validate_resource(self, ioc): ''' Validate the data type of an indicator. Domains and IP addresses aren't supported because they don't return the same type of data as the URLs/files do :ioc: Indicator to search VirusTotal for ''' if not has_validators: raise Exception('You need to install validators: pip install validators') if validators.url(ioc): return "url" elif re.match(r"\b([a-fA-F0-9]{32}|[a-fA-F0-9]{40}|[a-fA-F0-9]{64})\b", ioc): return "file" return False def __query_virustotal(self, apikey, resource): ''' Query VirusTotal for information about an indicator :apikey: VirusTotal API key :resource: Indicator to search in VirusTotal ''' url = "{}/report".format(self._resource_type) params = {"apikey": apikey, "resource": resource} # for now assume we're using a public API key - we'll figure out private keys later if self._proxies: report = requests.get(url, params=params, proxies=self._proxies) else: report = requests.get(url, params=params) report = report.json() if report["response_code"] == 1: return report else: error_msg = "{}: {}".format(resource, report["verbose_msg"]) raise InvalidMISPObject(error_msg)