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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from ..exceptions import InvalidMISPObject
from .abstractgenerator import AbstractMISPObjectGenerator
import os
from io import BytesIO
from hashlib import md5, sha1, sha256, sha512
import math
from collections import Counter
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger('pymisp')

    import pydeep
    HAS_PYDEEP = True
except ImportError:
    HAS_PYDEEP = False

    import magic
    HAS_MAGIC = True
except ImportError:
    HAS_MAGIC = False

[docs]class FileObject(AbstractMISPObjectGenerator): def __init__(self, filepath=None, pseudofile=None, filename=None, standalone=True, **kwargs): if not HAS_PYDEEP: logger.warning("Please install pydeep: pip install git+") if not HAS_MAGIC: logger.warning("Please install python-magic: pip install python-magic.") if filename: # Useful in case the file is copied with a pre-defined name by a script but we want to keep the original name self.__filename = filename elif filepath: self.__filename = os.path.basename(filepath) else: raise InvalidMISPObject('A file name is required (either in the path, or as a parameter).') if filepath: with open(filepath, 'rb') as f: self.__pseudofile = BytesIO( elif pseudofile and isinstance(pseudofile, BytesIO): # WARNING: lief.parse requires a path self.__pseudofile = pseudofile else: raise InvalidMISPObject('File buffer (BytesIO) or a path is required.') # PY3 way: # super().__init__('file') super(FileObject, self).__init__('file', standalone=standalone, **kwargs) self.__data = self.__pseudofile.getvalue() self.generate_attributes()
[docs] def generate_attributes(self): self.add_attribute('filename', value=self.__filename) size = self.add_attribute('size-in-bytes', value=len(self.__data)) if int(size.value) > 0: self.add_attribute('entropy', value=self.__entropy_H(self.__data)) self.add_attribute('md5', value=md5(self.__data).hexdigest()) self.add_attribute('sha1', value=sha1(self.__data).hexdigest()) self.add_attribute('sha256', value=sha256(self.__data).hexdigest()) self.add_attribute('sha512', value=sha512(self.__data).hexdigest()) self.add_attribute('malware-sample', value=self.__filename, data=self.__pseudofile) if HAS_MAGIC: self.add_attribute('mimetype', value=magic.from_buffer(self.__data)) if HAS_PYDEEP: self.add_attribute('ssdeep', value=pydeep.hash_buf(self.__data).decode())
def __entropy_H(self, data): """Calculate the entropy of a chunk of data.""" # NOTE: copy of the entropy function from pefile if len(data) == 0: return 0.0 occurences = Counter(bytearray(data)) entropy = 0 for x in occurences.values(): p_x = float(x) / len(data) entropy -= p_x * math.log(p_x, 2) return entropy