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# PyMISP - Python Library to access MISP

PyMISP is a Python library to access [MISP]( platforms via their REST API.

PyMISP allows you to fetch events, add or update events/attributes, add or update samples or search for attributes.

## Requirements

## Install from pip

` pip3 install pymisp `

## Install the lastest version from repo

` git clone && cd PyMISP python3 install `

## Samples and how to use PyMISP

Various examples and samples scripts are in the [examples/](examples/) directory.

In the examples directory, you will need to change the to enter your MISP url and API key.

` cd examples cp vim `

The API key of MISP is available in the Automation section of the MISP web interface.

To test if your URL and API keys are correct, you can test with examples/ to fetch the last 10 events published.

` cd examples python3 -l 10 `

## Documentation

[PyMISP API documentation is available](

Documentation can be generated with epydoc:

` epydoc --url --graph all --name PyMISP --pdf pymisp -o doc `